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Compliance and Approvals

  • Prolink Asia is a registered, responsible supplier on the electrical equipment safety system.
  • We have our own internal Compliance Department. We store on file a full compliance folder for all our products and can supply required documents to meet our customer’s compliance needs or their individual QA procedures.
  • All products developed and imported are compliant with the relevant safety standards and are supported by the required Safety/EMC/Radio/MEPS/WELS test reports and Approval Certificates including registrations with various governing bodies where necessary.
  • We have strong working relationships with the two largest testing laboratories in New Zealand, Worksafe NZ (Energy Safety) and with State Regulators in Australia, this enables us to tailor reports and approvals to individual customer’s needs.
  • As members of Sedex we ensure all factories adhere to internationally accepted social compliance standards as well as having suitable quality management systems in place.