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20L White Microwave

20L White Microwave

Create brilliant meals in next to no time with this outstanding Sheffield 20L White Microwave. With a compact 20L capacity, this is the perfect sized microwave for units and townhouses. The classic white design and easy-to-use functions make it ideal for any household, whether you have a large family or simply live alone.

With various de-frost programs and adjustable power levels you can be certain that you will get the best culinary results each and every time. Defrost, reheat and cook delicious meals in minutes with this brilliant microwave oven from Sheffield.

-Sheffield 20L Microwave White.
-Capacity: 20L.
-Painted white appearance and cavity.
-700W microwave power.
-5 power levels.
-35' timer.
-Defrost by weight/time.
-Inner:30.60cm x 30.66cm x 20.82cm.
-Outer: 43.95cm x 35.50 cm x 25.76 cm.
-Cook end signal