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Vita Max Nutritional Blender

Whip up healthy and nutritious smoothies and juices in a flash with the Sheffield Vita-Max Blender. With two blades, a Super-Pulverising Blade and a Ultra-Sharp Milling Blade, providing enough power to blend with fibrous vegetables, fruits, and even seeds.

Super-Pulverising Blade: Breaks down fruits and vegetables to their most digestible form for maximum nutrition absorption.

Ultra-Sharp Milling Blade: Turns dry ingredients including nuts, oats, and seeds, into powder for easy mixing into your favourite recipes.

-Powerful 600W motor
-Quickly pulverises fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts
-Great for making smoothies, protein shakes, and puréed soups
-Compact design, perfect for any counter-top
-Dishwasher safe, BPA-free cups and lids
-10 piece set

10 piece set includes:
1 x 600W main blending unit
1 x BPA-free tall cup (600ml)
2 x BPA-free short cup (350ml)
1 x Stainless Steel super-pulverising 6 blade (cross shape)
1 x ultra-sharp stainless steel milling 2 blade (linear shape)
2 x sipping rings
2 x keep fresh storage lids