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Product Development

Customised Product Development

— Profile

  • A comprehensive, tailored product development and supply mechanism to suit particular customer needs and market requirements.
  • This process includes product pre-sale evaluation, compliance and approval; artwork and packaging development; product inspection and quality control; and after sales service.
  • Prolink Asia Limited has the experience and strong relationships with various key manufacturers, and is ideally positioned to meet particular customer needs and market requirements.
  • It is the understanding of China and their methods that provides the key advantage to the service we offer.


— Product Development

  • Relationships built up with various key manufacturers over a number of years results in reliability, consistency and value of goods supplied.
  • Using our extensive knowledge and contact base in Asia, Prolink Asia can competitively develop products and ranges to suit any requirement.
  • Regular contact and research in Asia enables new opportunities to be explored and new products and ideas to be developed.
  • Existing relationships with Asia-based sourcing companies gives additional options and product opportunities.
  • Intelligent and careful product development is a key fundamental in achieving the results to meet our customer’s requirements.


— Compliance and Approvals

  • Quality and value are the cornerstones of our business. Identifying the right subcontractors is therefore a critical part of our product development function.
  • All products developed and imported are approved and are in compliance with the relevant safety standards and are supported by the appropriate compliance test reports and certificates.
  • In Asia we utilize an independent QC company for our pre-sale evaluations, inspections and quality control processes. They are experienced with strong quality control processes and well schooled in SAA requirements and regulations.
  • We utilize an independent testing laboratory for all SAA testing and product approval to ensure full compliance and safety as this is always of paramount importance.


— Inspections and Quality Control

  • All orders are independently inspected to ensure quality and production standards are maximized at all times.
  • The inspection company provides a thorough inspection report for each order covering cosmetics, safety, function, electrical, mechanical, and workmanship checks.
  • All aspects including packaging, shipping marks, approval numbers, and product function testing are covered and photos are provided as part of every inspection report.
  • The inspection reports are approved and subsequently the goods are released for shipment by Prolink Asia Limited, not the inspection company.


— Product Range

  • Prolink Asia Limited currently develops and imports a wide and varied range of products, predominantly electrical in nature.
  • This includes an extensive range of wholesale Sheffield appliances available locally every day.
  • The Sheffield range is dynamic and progressive; constantly being evaluated to ensure a quality, affordable, and contemporary range is always available. This includes an exciting and ever changing promotional and seasonal offer. Keep checking the website for the latest products on offer.
  • Prolink Asia Limited also has the ability to develop and import products to a particular customer’s specification or requirement and will provide punctual and professional submissions in a timely manner.


— Value Add Services

  • Merchandising — Prolink Asia Limited also uses a contract company to perform any merchandising tasks required. This includes regular store visits, setting up promotions and in store product labelling.
  • After Sales Service — We provide our own after-sales service or contracted after-sales service depending on a given customer’s requirement and the products being supplied.
    We provide locally based full after-sales support and service for the Sheffield product range including an 0508 number and hold spare parts for many of our products.
  • Gift box artwork —We use the services of a creative and dynamic design company that has vast experience in brand creation and packaging design, and in particular has the experience in dealing with Chinese factories.


Sheffield "Everyday Products for Everyday People"

— Product Quality

  • Quality and value are the cornerstones of the product we supply. You’ll be impressed with the range of Sheffield appliances and you’ll appreciate the fact that Sheffield is a local brand with a substantial product range in everyday and specialist appliances. They’re designed to make every day home life more convenient and enjoyable – all for a sensible price. All products come with a 12 month warranty and we provide full in-house after-sales service.
  • Please browse the great Sheffield™ product range together with the promotional offers available wholesale for your enjoyment, and feel free to contact us should you require any further product information or for a current pricing schedule.